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Next Step = OSX Bluetooth IBVA Intel Mac = Next Dimension

Start to ship Bluetooth IBVA system end of Jun 2006.

Original IBVA system was sold out, thank you for over 15 years of support since 1991.

Bluetooth IBVA system :

One person system (CH 1, CH 2)

   left, right and coherence analyze.

Two person system (Include two IBVA unit, CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4)

   two person’s left, right and coherence analyze.

   two person’s each hemisphere’s coherence analyze.

IBVA unit:

    Bluetooth interface.

    High quality state of the art DC amplifier board.

    0.2 µV p-p to 200 µV p-p  input signal range.

    12 Hz to 900 Hz programable high cut filter, no AC cut notch filter.

    120 Hz to 1920 Hz programable sampling rate.

    Max 0.01 µV (gain X10), 0.015 Hz ( 8192 FFT point ) graphical resolution.

Option DC connector with battery modification:

    3 to 8 Hour continuously operation depend on modification.

System package included :

IBVA application for Macintosh computer :

IBVA BrainBay interface for Windows computer :

  1. BrainBay IBVA interface is included that works with Windows computer. BrainBay is open source project, no user support. Windows XP, Vista, 7.

For Intel Mac OSX 10.4.11 .. 10.11.X : IBVA V5 & IBVA4

For PowerPC Mac OSX 10.4.11 .. 10.6.8 : IBVA4

• Raw wave graph display window.

• Bar graph display window.

• OpenGL 3D waterfall left, right and coherence graph display window.

  1. OpenGL waterfall Brain switch 3D Bar graph mixer display window.

  2. Coherence display for Brain wave and Sound wave.

• Brain skyfly animation for realtime brain navigation.

• Live brain wave web casting.

• Brain VJ AV control window ( Quicktime  movie, Sampling sound and Image ).

• Brain Core MIDI translation for direct MIDI sound play and/or connect

   to music composing application, Synthesizer and other MIDI interface system.

• Apple script support  for automatic application setup.

• 2D Graphical user interface for set brain switch notification for VJ/DJ.

  1. Live and playback brain wave can show simultaneously ( one person mode ).

  2. Easy to record brain data and video movie with simple menu operation.

  3. IBVA MAX external with XCODE V3 Source code.

  4. Brain skyfly animation with Brain VJ notification XCODE V3 Source code.

  5. sample MAX patch for brain rhythm power and peak.

  6. Audio Unit Brain plugin for brain DJ with sample GarageBand file.

  7. Following function need to use Leopard and Snow Leopard Mac.

  8. With Leopard Time Machine easy to get back and play brain wave backup data

without manual save.

  1. iPhone Server Window use for communicate iPhone.

  2. Use iPhone as BS controller.

  3. Sound Monitor Window.

  4. Show Sound in the Raw wave, Bar graph and Waterfall graph Window.

  5. Left, Right and coherence sound display mode in the Waterfall graph Window.

  6. Max 32768 Point FFT show 0 .. 22050 Hz in 1.346 Hz resolution when 44100 Hz sampling, Linear and Log power display.

  7. Can use live sound from selected input device and/or sound from pay sound file that use Audio Unit Hosting Window

  8. Quartz Composer brain wave and sound wave graph function menu. Can make own QC graph then can open it from Menu.

  9. Following function need to use Tiger and Leopard Mac.

  10. Quartz Composer IBVA4 plugin for brain VJ and scientific visualization.

  11. Tiger and Leopard version QC IBVA4 plugin and IBVA plugin is different.

OSX 10.4 : Tiger version IBVA’s some function not work

OSX 10.5 : Leopard version IBVA works full function

OSX 10.6..10.11 : 10.4 .. 10.5 version QC plugin is not work

IBVA use for :

• Learning.

• Meditation.

• Relaxation and self development.

• Interactive Art and music.

• Neurofeedback.

• Hypnotherapy.

  1. Therapeutic.

  2. Sound Brain experience.

• Brain VJ/DJ with iPhone.

• Brain MIDI control lighting, Laser display, Synthesizer, etc.

• Mind body balance sports training.

• Psychic and quantum brain experiment.