one person system


one person system

This system use for left / right and coherence brain wave experience : use  CH 1 and CH 2.

System include :

head pad, cable, head band, electrode, Bluetooth IBVA, 9V alkaline battery, IBVA4 DVD and caring case.

Setup procedure:

Put electrode to head pad for attach it forehead hold with head band.

Need to put head pad connector side left.

Ear ground cable connect to left side of ear.

Connect cable to head pad and CH 1 ( Left ) and CH 2 ( Right ) input of IBVA unit.

Put battery into IBVA unit.

Install IBVA4 DVD included application, QC plugin, AU plugin and sample files.

need to put 6 pin connector white dot side is up as picture image. then push it.

need to put 4 pin connector white dot side to white dot side of head pad connector.

This system include extra CH3 and CH4 input:

Following procedure is how to use CH 3 and CH 4 :

Operation need to be done by special  electric technician.

Any system damage etc. is no guaranty.

Bluetooth IBVA unit has input pin connector for CH 3 and CH 4, located beside brain head pad 6P connector pin.

To use this input need to remove two 2P short pin connector from 6P connector input.

Then use this pin input for CH 3 and CH 4 input.

This is input for 0 .. 5 V. (  don't put more than 5 V and/or less than 0 V )

You can connect many kind of signal to this pin, such as other brain wave amplifier output, GSR device output, heart amplifier output, etc.

Run IBVA4 and setup 4 ch device and select port for access CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4.

Also, 8 mm Jack can use as direct CH 1 and CH 2 output.

0 .. 5 V out put.  100 ohm output impedance.

-100 micro V is 0 V out.

center 0 V is 2.5 V out.

+100 micro V is 5 V out.

psychic lab inc. 2007, 2008, 2009

Computer is not included in the IBVA system.