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The IBVA : amuwa  is The Interactive Brain wave Visual Analyzer, EEG bio & psychic feedback system.

Brain wave sensor head set & electrode, brain wave amplifier & radio transmitter box, radio receiver box and application is one package.

Use for brain wave research & experience, brain wave stress management, brain wave healing therapy, brain wave accelerate learning.

Left & Right brain wave power and coherence data can be use for drive many system, art & performance and VJ.

With amuwa part of human sense left & right brain wave power and coherence data become new input for multimedia hub in real time.

This multidimensional VR world is new life for brain, the way for live in hyper VR world.

Application function include left & right brain wave raw wave, power spectrum and coherence data to 2D & 3D graphics,

3 D interactive interface, Quick Time Midi sound play by left & right brain wave power peaks & brain switches,

3D sampling sound mixer & sound effect changes in 3D sound space by brain switches,

brainSkyfly 3D animation navigation & startsBrain visual image control by left & right brain power,

Quick Time movie navigation by brain switches,

Send analyzed brain wave ASCII data to USB & Serial port for communicate & drive other machines,

Left & Right brain wave raw wave data, power and coherence data to ASCII text  file, ... etc.

Brain wave data can be use in the other interactive application such as Director, MAX.

Brain data also translate as sound, easy to record raw brain wave data into many sound recording device

and send brain wave as sound many different way like high power radio transmitter, video conference and net work.

Useful for field & tele research, studio & stage performance.

IBVA hardware and USB Serial adaptor connector cable connection.

IBVA hardware connection