Option DC Plug modification for easy charge rechargeable battery, IBVA works over 8 hours continuously.

How to do modification.

1: Current IBVA User : need to send back unit to Psychic Lab.

User need to pay Total modification cost + S/H for both way.

2: New User : need to order this option when order IBVA.

User need to pay cost of IBVA + Total modification cost + S/H for one way.

Modification time.

Depend on stock of parts, few days to few weeks.


After this modification end user can not replace battery.

8 Hours continuously operation :  3000 mAH Li-Ion battery

About 6 Hours charge time after full discharge.

100 V to 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz charger.

DC Plug modification + Li-Ion battery + Charger : Total cost : $120

1 year battery warranty. Need to send back IBVA unit for replace battery.

Battery replacement cost : $40 + both way S/H for IBVA unit

S/H : Shipping and Handling fee

Attention :

How to charge :

Battery Indicator :

User replaceable battery:

Alkaline 9V battery : 1.5 H operation

Li-Ion re-chargeable 9V 500 mAH battery : 2.5 H operation


Li-Polymer re-chargeable 9V 520 mAH battery : 2.5 H operation


Li-Ion re-chargeable 7.4V 1000 mAH battery : 4 H operation


IBVA Battery